About Learn at Home

Learn at Home is an initiative by Vibal Group to provide parents and teachers with quality and curriculum-aligned learning materials good for ten weeks (or one quarter) of budgeted learning while their children are at home during the COVID-19 quarantine period. While we know that teachers are trying their best to teach even during the quarantine and that there is a rich universe of online educational materials, parents are presently the primary educators of their children and may have difficulties adjusting to the requirements for the formal delivery of instruction. Likewise teachers who have limited access to the Internet or are not yet used to online teaching may also be looking for materials organized in a structured format that they can provide their students while parents mediate learning.

The kit featured in this website is free for download and should not be distributed for sale. The kit includes printable learning supplements, activity sheets, and test booklets. Vibal will conduct a series of webinars on our Facebook and Youtube pages to train parents and teachers on the use of this kit.

Vibal Group, Inc.

Vibal Group, Inc. is a trusted education brand known for quality books and educational materials. We have been serving Philippine private and public schools for over sixty-five years. We publish textbooks, workbooks, and supplementary materials covering the complete K-12 and the GEC curriculum in print and digital formats. As an accredited CPD provider by the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC), we are also known for the scope and breadth of our professional development programs for teachers and school administrators

We are also an established technology provider to commercial and government agencies, including DICT, PAGCOR, National Youth Commission, Bureau of Customs, and the Bureau of Investments. Learn more about us at http://www.vibalgroup.com or follow our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/vibalgroup. For any queries regarding Learn at Home please send us an email at learnathome@vibalgroup.com.

Thank you.

Your Vibal Learn at Home Team