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What Happens Inside Vibal’s CPD Training? Find Out Here

Success is never a final destination. It is a continuous journey as new passages of opportunities open, requiring an incessant effort to grow and improve. This is especially important for teachers as it is in their hands where the future of the students is molded. One great tool to aid professionals in this ongoing journey to success and lifelong learning is the Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

A long-established education and technology solutions provider, Vibal has earned PRC accreditation as a CPD provider for professional teachers, which now serves as the organization’s tool to help Filipino educators meet the 21st-century standards of the K to 12 Curriculum.

Experience what really happens inside Vibal’s CPD training programs through the two open-house training sessions that were held at the Vibal office in G. Araneta Avenue last May 16 and 18, 2018.

The topics discussed on the said dates were “Innovative Programs to Improve Teachers’ Competencies in Planning, Implementing, and Assessing Instruction” and “Framework for 21st-century Learning and Learners’ Skills Development and Application,” respectively. Both programs were headed by Early Childhood/Preschool and Primary Education expert Dr. Roderick Aguirre.

These training programs consisted of discussions on how to improve student learning and teachers’ competencies by going through the proper learning process, content, theory, and teachers’ learning management.

Dr. Aguirre stressed the importance of the table of specification (TOS) and curriculum framework in ensuring that the students master the multi-dimensional abilities that are expected of them. These two must be crafted with utmost care and painstaking effort to ensure that the intended learning competencies are met.

After the lectures and discussions, Dr. Aguirre provided activities to assess the teachers’ knowledge gained from the lessons presented. The teachers, teamed according to the grade level and subject area they teach, crafted their own table of specification and curriculum framework.

As soon as they all finished their output, representatives from each group were called to present their output to the participants. Dr. Aguirre listened as he graded them and gave them feedback to improve their work.

The curriculum framework created by the social sciences teachers screams globalization and interconnectedness to visually represent the subject they teach on May 18, 2018.

The teachers were glad to have attended the CPD training program as they found value in the lessons presented to them.

“I think the seminar was worth it for a day,” said Ms. Katrina Sios-e of Probex School. “I think it is helpful for professionals, especially because it’s a training in professional work.”

Dr. Aguirre felt a sense of fulfillment as he capped off the session knowing that he became an instrument in helping teachers carve their path towards success and growth in their careers.

“It makes me realize that by Vibal, we are able to help these teachers not only use the book, but at the same time, be able to improve their practice inside the classroom,” Dr. Aguirre shared. “It’s really exhilarating to be part of this project.”

Vibal Group will still be conducting open-house CPD training programs across the country in the coming days. For more information, please e-mail 


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