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Adulting 101: An Adulthood Survival Guide for College Fresh Grads

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, then that means you’re a step closer to your dream career. You’ve made it through all the struggles of being a student, from those nerve-wracking class presentations, exams, paperwork, projects, thesis, and pimple breakouts because of hell weeks and all-nighters. You’ve earned it. I’m proud of you.

Being a student can get too stressful and sometimes, you just can’t wait to finish school and get a job. Remember when you got so overwhelmed with a ton of schoolwork, all with the same deadline? The struggle was real, I know. Like how could you fit them all in your tight schedule? But then here you are, holding your own diploma and ready to conquer the world. Or not?

Life as a fresh graduate can feel a little lost and overwhelming. Like, you’re still on your glorious days as you just finished school, but then you’re also entering another chapter in your life—adulthood. Well, some say it’s a trap. People want to go back to their childhoods. But still, this phase is inevitable. You have no choice but to deal with it. Don’t worry, because as your ate, I’m here to give you points on how I survived (and still surviving) my transition to adulthood.


It’s okay to not have it figured out (yet)

Do you constantly ask yourself, “What am I gonna do with my life?” Guess, that’s normal. Of course when you’re a student, you’re quite sure of what to do or to take for the next semester. But now that you’re through with school, what are you going to do next? I get it if you feel pressured, but don’t lose track. You’re young. There are tons of opportunities waiting for you. Weigh your choices. Check out if something attracts you. Then give it a try, who knows, it may be the one for you.


Don’t compare yourself to others

One thing that adds up to the pressure of you being unsure of what you’re going to do next, is when you compare yourself to others. Oh, did your classmate just land a job? Is your friend taking further studies abroad? Did your older brother get a job as soon as he graduated? Be happy for them. But don’t feel bad for not experiencing the same. Allow yourself to learn and grow at your own pace. This is not a race. You can still get to success even with your baby steps, because from those tiny steps, you’ll learn how to take the bigger leaps.


Don’t dread your first legit job interview

You’ve probably experienced a job interview when you were applying for an internship or a mock interview in school. Yes, it still feels different when it’s a real, especially if it’s the key to your dream position at your dream company. Don’t let intimidation eat you up. Get help and tips from your acquaintances in that company. There are also several articles and videos to help you get ready. Come in prepared and don’t forget to wear your confidence. You can do it.


It’s okay to fail (just get back up)

Good grades or your diploma doesn’t guarantee that you’ll land the job. Truth is, setbacks, rejections, and failures may sometimes come knocking at your door. That’s okay. These things are part of life and they help mold you into the person who’s ready to face any challenge life throws at you. And when you finally get a job, don’t beat yourself up for committing mistakes. Admit your fault and take responsibility for it. And don’t forget to learn from your mistakes.


Up your sense of responsibility

You’re not a kid anymore. You need to start making decisions for yourself. (I guess you know that already.) Your parents cannot be deciding for you your whole life. That’s why you need to be more responsible—be it at work, in handling your finances, or maintaining your relationships with other people. Avoid making impulsive decisions. You need to weigh every option you have. Take time to assess the possible outcomes of your own choices, both short-term and long-term. This way, you’ll be able to make wiser decisions.

Being an adult can really get exhausting. But keep in mind that you can always take a rest. Self care is important, especially if you’re an adult. Don’t push yourself too hard. Learn to take some time off to breathe and relax. You deserve it. And don’t forget to enjoy being a young adult.


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